Declaring Your Major

All undeclared students will declare a major by the start of their junior year.

Every major has specific requirements for declaring, so the intercollegiate transfer process will vary. Some majors enforce an application deadline once a semester or once a year. Others review intercollegiate transfer requests only during set periods at the beginning or midway through each semester. Many majors provide such details through informational meetings.

Whether it’s a competitive application process with certain prerequisites or an audition process, your advisor will work closely with you to ensure you’re following procedures and completing requirements.

Majors that Guarantee Admission with a Minimum 2.0 GPA

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Majors that Guarantee Admission for Students Who Meet Specific Criteria

College of Liberal Arts & Science

Majors that Require an Audition or Portfolio Review

College of Fine & Applied Arts

Majors that Require an Application and Do Not Guarantee Admission

College of Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences

College of Applied Health Sciences

College of Business (Students may only apply to Business in May of their Freshman year)

College of Education

College of Engineering

College of Fine & Applied Arts

College of Media

School of Social Work

Secondary Education*

* Current Illinois students declare a major in the subject in which they seek certification, applying to the Secondary Education minor prior to their junior year.