Courses for Honors Credit

Below are the three main options for earning honors credit each semester, which include DGS honors sections, the Honors Credit Learning Agreement (HCLA), and other honors course offerings.

Option 1: DGS Honors Sections

Spring 2017 Honors Courses

Option 2: Honors Credit Learning Agreements (HCLA)

An HCLA transforms a standard course into an honors course through an explicit agreement between student and instructor.

Standard HCLA

For students pursuing this option:

  • Register for classes as normal during your registration time
  • At the start of the semester, approach your instructors about completing an honors project
  • Finalize project details with one of your instructors
  • Submit online HCLA by the deadline

As the college, we recommend the project equals about 15 hours of meaningful work beyond the regular course requirements. The honors work should enhance the student's learning of the subject area, develop skills related to the field, and provide a scholarly understanding of research, analysis, writing, and presentation.

Previous projects have included:

  • research papers
  • literature reviews
  • classroom presentations
  • research experiences with faculty members

HCLA through Chemistry REACT

The Chemistry REACT Program has an honors option for students who participate in REACT. Students must be enrolled in CHEM 101, 102, 104, 202, 232, or 236 to earn the honors credit for Chemistry REACT participation.

Option 3: Other Honors Courses

Honors courses offered by other colleges or departments

  • Generally available by invitation or announcement
  • The DGS Honors Director will notify students when other colleges open their honors sections to all campus James Scholar
  • Students choosing CS 196 or CS 296 must complete an HCLA for the concurrent CS course they are taking (CS 125, 173, or 225)

Chancellor’s Scholars (CHP) Courses

  • CHP courses will also fulfill James Scholar honors credit
  • Chancellor's Scholars will be notified by the Campus Honors Program about courses for the next semester
  • Non-Chancellor’s Scholars may request enrollment in a CHP course