What Is It?:

Photography aims to educate a student who will expand the bounds of creative expression and challenge current perceptions and preconceptions of the visual world. Study is directed toward creating works of art that use photographic imagery. The program is committed to continually redefining fine art photography in an expansive and openly creative way, emphasizing the ability to understand and employ photography’s unique narrative potential.

For more information, please visit the School of Art and Design.

Courses That Introduce the Major:

  • ARTF 101—Contemporary Issues in Art
  • ARTS 260—Basic Photography

Students should consult with an academic advisor regarding course selection prior to the advanced registration period.

Possible Career Opportunities:

  • Acquisition Specialist
  • Antique Dealer
  • Archivist
  • Arranger
  • Art Agent
  • Art Appraiser
  • Art Consultant
  • Art Director
  • Art History Instructor
  • Art Journalist
  • Art School Director
  • Art Therapist
  • Audio/Visual Specialist
  • Conservator
  • Critic
  • Curator
  • Display Designer
  • Educator
  • Freelance Artist
  • Gallery Director/Owner
  • Medical/Technical Illustrator
  • Photographer
  • Sculptor
  • Web Designer

Common Career Titles Related to this Major:

(Some careers may require education beyond an undergraduate degree)

  • Collection Manager
  • Commercial Photographer
  • Curator
  • Darkroom Manager
  • Documentary Photographer
  • Exhibiting Artist
  • Freelance Photographer
  • Medical Photographer
  • Portraitist
  • Photo Archivist
  • Photo Stylist
  • Public Relations Photographer
  • Teacher

Enhancing Your Academic Experience:

Related Skills:

  • Ability to teach, assess, plan, organize, and evaluate.
  • Communicate ideas, thoughts, and feelings using many materials and media.
  • Develop intuition and innovation in understanding and extracting ideas to generate visual concepts.
  • Familiar with graphics and database systems.
  • Intense research skills and critical analysis
  • Self discipline

Further Information:

For more information on what you can do with a major in Photography, visit The Career Center’s webpage: What Can I Do With This Major.

There are several professional organizations dedicated to Photography.  Their websites might be able to provide a glimpse in the world of Photography.  These organizations include The American Society of Media Photographers, American Photographic Artists, and Editorial Photographers.

For more information on the classes needed for a degree in Photography, visit Undergraduate Programs.