Transfer Students

Our transfer-student admission decisions are based on a thorough review of your submitted application.

Important Admissions Criteria

  • No more than 4 completed full-time semesters (not including summer semesters) prior to enrolling
  • No more than 50 transferable hours prior to enrolling (does not include test-based credit hours such as AP or International Baccalaureate exams)
  • Completion of the transfer course equivalency of the University's Composition I requirement (usually a 2-course English composition sequence at other institutions)
  • Application essay demonstrating how you would benefit from our explorative mission; your essay may include:
    • Subjects or fields that interest you
    • Academic programs you are considering
    • Career or pre-professional goals or relevant experiences that have influenced your academic and career interests

Check out the University’s transfer handbook for more information.

Common Questions

Can transfer students be admitted to DGS?

Yes, DGS does accept transfer students. Students are eligible to apply as a transfer student from another institution if they have completed less than four full time semesters at the time of application. Priority is given to students who will be bringing fewer than 35 transferable hours by the term of entry. More information on what will be reviewed at the time of application can be found on the Office of Admissions' Transfer Handbook

Please note that DGS only accepts transfer students for the fall semester. 

How competitive is it to transfer into DGS?

Each student is looked at based on the information provided in their application. We do not have a limited number of spaces available for transfer students. With that said, it is competitive to transfer to some majors once at Illinois. You should only select to start in DGS if you are an exploring student. 

How competitive is it to transfer into other colleges? 

There are some majors that are more difficult to transfer to than others once on campus. For example, some majors within the College of Engineering (especially Computer Science, Bioengineering, and Mechanical Engineering) are more competitive than others. It is also important to not that students are not eligible to transfer to the College of Business once they enroll at Illinois as a DGS student. If you wish to declare a major in the College of Business you should apply directly to that program. 

When will I hear about my transfer decision?

Notifications of admissions for transfer students are done on a rolling basis. You'll be notified of a decision by mid-April.

Where can I find out whether or not my credits will transfer? 

You should use the website called Transferology. This site will tell you whether a class you have taken at your current institution will transfer to Illinois. 

If I transfer into DGS, will that mean I am behind? 

This will really depend on which major(s) you wish to explore once you arrive on campus and what classes you have already completed. If you transfer to Illinois hoping to do a major but have not taken any classes in that subject area then you may delay your time to graduation. 

Are there scholarship opportunities for transfer students?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer any scholarships to transfer students in the Division of General Studies. For information about other scholarship information for Illinois students, please visit the Office of Student Financial Aid's website

What sort of support programs are in place for transfer students? 

The Office of New Student Programs provides some additional resources specifically for transfer students.

University Housing has special housing options specifically for transfer students called the Transfer Cluster. More information can be found on the Housing website.

All new students (both incoming freshman and new transfer students) are required to take an Introduction to the University course (regardless of whether you took a similar class at your previous institution). In the Division of General Studies we have created a special section of GS 101 for tranfer students. This class is taught onine and is designed to help transfer students transition from their previous institution to Illinois. 

What do I need to know before coming to campus? 

Preparing to come to campus can be an exciting and yet nerve wracking experience. The Office of Admissions has created a helpful Admitted Student Checklist to help you prepare for your summer registration advising appointment and arriving on campus in the fall. 

I've just accepted my offer of admission, what happens next? 

Congratulations and Welcome to the Illini family! There are several steps you need to follow and they can be found on the Admitted Student Checklist on the Office of Admissions' website. 

1. Sign up for your Summer Registration appointment. This will be a one day event where you will meet with a DGS Academic Advisor to discuss and register for classes for the upcoming semester.

2. Explor your Housing Options. Transfer Students may have the option to live in off-campus housing, but you should consult with the Housing Information Office (217-333-7111) before signing a lease. 

3. Send your final transcript to Illinois. More information can be found on the Office of the Registrar's page

4. Complete your College Registration Homework. More information can be found on the Admitted Student Checklist.

5. Complete your placement exams. Regardless of whether you think you will be taking classes in this subject you should take the Math, Chemistry, Physics and Language placement exams.