ICT to Pre-Engineering

Apply to Pre-Engineering

The next ICT application period to Pre-Engineering will be in May 2020. We encourage you to attend an Information Session (details listed below) to learn more about the program and requirements.

Information Sessions

Learn more about the Pre-Engineering program requirements, transfer process, and application timeline. PREP ICT Sessions are for current, Illinois students. Please sign up by clicking here.

Spring 2020 dates are:

February 11th: 9am

February 18th: 3pm

February 27th: 10am

March 6th: 1pm

March 9th: 1pm

March 25th: 2pm 

April 9th: 3pm 

April 24th: 10am

May 7th: 3pm

All sessions will be held in Illini Union Bookstore Room 514.

  • Current Illinois students who are enrolled in their first year of college at Illinois.  Students may only apply to PREP in May following their first year of college.
  • Current Illinois students that enrolled prior to Fall 2019.
  • Current Illinois students that enrolled as TRANSFER students for Fall 2017 or after.
  • Current Illinois students enrolled beyond their first year of college at Illinois.
  • Overall Illinois GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Specialized GPA of 3.0 or higher*

*The specialized GPA is calculated based on all foundational technical courses related to the Engineering core curriculum. Grade Replacements will not be factored into the calculation of the Specialized GPA; instead all on-campus grades provided for one technical course will be averaged together. Please note the above minimum GPAs are required to apply. The competitiveness of the applicant pool will determine the average GPA.

  • Completion of MATH 220 or 221
  • Completion of CHEM 102 & 103 or CHEM 202 & 203

Incoming freshmen who place and/or start in a math class lower than Math 115 (Pre-Calculus) will not be eligible for Pre-Engineering.

Students who already have credits for the courses listed above (and do not want to forfeit that credit) are expected to successfully complete higher-level technical courses. 

You may not need to take CHEM 103 if you have AP credit. Please reach out to the PREP team at dgs-prep@illinois.edu to discuss.

  • Grades of B or higher in all technical courses taken at Illinois
  • Completed PHYS 100 or PHYS 211 by the end of freshman year
  • Completed the Composition I General Education Requirement by the end of freshman year
  • Evidence of campus engagement and exploration of majors and/or careers of interest


Please note: Meeting the above criteria does not guarantee admission into the PREP program. 

Question 1:

How does the Grainger College of Engineering fit into your future professional goals? Please be as specific as possible and limit your response to 500 words.

Question 2: 

In what ways have you developed your skills as they relate to the field of Engineering? Please draw from your experiences with campus organizations, volunteer work, research, etc. Please limit your response to 500 words.

Optional essay question:

Please state any special circumstances that have affected your academic performance and/or progress that you would like the Pre-Engineering Admissions Review Committee to consider. Please limit your response to 250 words.

Students will be asked to choose two Engineering majors of interest.We highly encourage exploration of all Engineering majors. 

Please note: Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, CS +X and LAS Physics are not in the College of Engineering. Students interested in these areas do not need to apply to the Pre-Engineering Program. 

Students will be required to submit a PDF file of thier professional resume. We encourage applicants to take advantage of the Resume Review sessions offered by The Career Center. 

The Pre-Engineering Admissions Review Committee will utilize a holistic review process to assess your entire student record. While academic performance in technical courses is vital, PREP also values campus engagement and evidence of your knowledge of the engineering field(s) you are interested in.    

The notification timeline for the 2020 ICT period will be announced in the spring semester. Applications will be reviewed likely in late May and June, with admissions decisions being sent out to your Illinois email by the end of June.