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Explore. Discover. Succeed.

Studies show about 80% of first-year college students aren’t sure what they want to major in, and over 50% of college students change their major at least once. In DGS, first year and sophomore students will discover a flexible program designed to accommodate their exploration of various majors while staying on track for graduation.

The Advising Experience

From the time you begin our program to the point you declare your major, your advisor will be here to guide you. With our open advising model, you have the freedom to meet with any DGS academic advisor. Learn more about our advising team! 

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Discover the Right Path

There are over 150 majors and minors to choose from at the University of Illinois. Learn more about our majors, their introductory courses, and their related occupations.

The DGS Explorer

Want to stay up to date on what is happening in DGS, Major ICT Deadlines, Information Sessions? We share updates weekly in our newsletter called The DGS Explorer!

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Each year, over 23% of the incoming first year class starts in DGS, making DGS the second largest division for incoming students. 

There may be several majors and pathways that are good choices for you and your ideal career. Major does not always determine the career. 

Research shows that within 10 years of graduation, the majority of college graduates are working in areas that are not connected to their college majors.


Former DGS Student Advice

"Take every chance you get to explore something new. You never know what kind of fun adventure is awaiting you, and you may find your major or figure out your dream career by simply taking a course that looked interesting or different to you!" Alexis Simmons, Advertising Major