Discover DGS

Our Mission

The Division of General Studies (DGS) assists undeclared students with the process of exploring and declaring majors at the University of Illinois by providing holistic, developmental academic advising.  DGS offers students the ability to connect with academic advisors who are committed to their success. 

The Division of General Studies helps students:
  • Clarify their academic, personal, and career goals;
  • Identify their strengths, skills, interests, and values;
  • Understand the process of exploring majors at Illinois;
  • Identify the programs of study available at Illinois;
  • Understand specific programmatic and degree requirements;
  • Understand the Intercollegiate Transfer (ICT) process at Illinois;
  • Recognize the significance of and their responsibility in the academic advising relationship;
  • Learn about and connect with appropriate campus resources and services;
  • Learn about the educational opportunities available at the University of Illinois including undergraduate research, study abroad, tutoring, leadership development, involvement in student organizations, volunteer experiences, and connections with faculty.
Is DGS right for You?

The answer to this question might be "yes" if: 

  • You have multiple interests and talents.
  • You are interested in exploring your options before declaring a major.
  • You have professional goals but are unsure what major will best help you achieve them.
  • You want to tailor your class schedule to meet requirements for multiple academic interests.