Program for Academic Support & Success

The Program for Academic Support and Success (PASS) is a program designed to support DGS students on academic probation as they set and achieve goals to return to good academic standing.


PASS is designed to assist students on academic probation with building appropriate study habits, time management, majors/career exploration tools, select a realistic major, identify campus resources, and much more. Though group sessions and individual appointments, students are empowered to make informed decisions and identify and utilize resources.

Participation in PASS is not just about overcoming immediate progress issues; it is also designed to build recognition of individual talents, abilities, and strengths long-term.

Program Outline

While a part of the PASS program, DGS students on academic probation will complete the following four steps:


We will provide an overview of probation and support provided through the PASS program, complete a personal assessment, cover what to expect and how to prepare for your advisor conference, and explain how to make your advisor conference appointment.

The Advisor Conference aims to strengthen the relationship between PASS participants and a DGS academic advisor.  With advisor assistance, students will sign an advisor agreement, develop an action plan and discuss their unique and individual needs and relevant campus resources and strategies for success.

The Skill-Building Workshops are designed to help equip students with the tools they need to study more effectively for exams and utilize time management strategies. More information about dates and times will be provided later in the semester.

At this appointment, students will meet with a DGS academic advisor to plan classes for the subsequent term in preparation for online course registration. All DGS students are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor to plan for course registration but, for students on academic probation, this is a required component of PASS.  An academic records hold will prevent course registration for the next semester until the Course Planning Appointment has taken place.

While on probation, Illinois students:

  • Must raise or maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA at Illinois in order to achieve good standing.
  • Cannot elect to take a course credit/no credit while on academic probation.
  • Must be enrolled in at least 12 hours.

Requirements (and failure to meet requirements) will be communicated to students via Illinois email accounts.


Student Testimonials

"Your PASS advisor, just like mine, will believe in you when you don't believe in yourself. Place your trust in them, stady dedicated to the program, and you will see a continuous, positive change not only in your academic life, but in your personal life as well."

"To get the most out of the program I learned that active participation was a huge factor. The relationship with my advisor was pretty awesome. It was like a respectful best friend kind of thing where she was easy to talk to and was fun to get to know."

"I would say that the most significant thing about my PASS experience is that I had people who truly cared about my success in this institution. I had people who were genuinely concerned and did not want to see me fail. They were willing to help me and keep me encouraged even when times became hard."

"The impact that PASS had on my future success was very instrumental. It kept me on my toes and made me work hard. When I finally got out of it I was like I do not want to deal with being on edge like that again. PASS gave me one last chance to show that I am capable of succeeding in this university.



Contact Teri Farr, Associate Director for Academic Advising and Student Success.