Computer Science

Major Description

The Computer Science curriculum provides a broad and deep knowledge of the theory, design, and application of digital computers and information processing techniques. The first two years are spent on basic work in mathematics, physics, and an introduction to the fundamental areas of computer science: computing, programming, the organization of digital machines, numerical analysis, and theory of computation. The third year completes the work in basic computer science and requires electives to broaden the background of the student. During the fourth year, the students deepen their understanding of topics of particular interest and ability.

Courses That Introduce the Major:
  • CS 124—Intro to Computer Science 1
  • CS 128—Intro to Computer Science 2 
  • CS 173—Discrete Structures
  • MATH 221—Calculus I
  • MATH 231—Calculus II
  • MATH 241—Calculus III
  • MATH 415—Applied Linear Algebra

Students should consult with an academic advisor regarding course selection prior to the advanced registration period.

Possible Career Opportunities:

CS graduates are widely recruited by the world's most prestigious firms including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Boeing, Intel, and IBM.  

  • Banking transactions
  • Code breaking
  • Computer theory
  • Data networking
  • Digital art
  • Environmental management
  • Hardware systems
  • Inventory management
  • Medical imaging
  • Networking
  • Software systems
  • Surveillance
  • Analytical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Computer skills
  • Data analysis
  • Problem solving skills
  • Research skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Applications Programmer
  • Artificial Intelligence Specialist
  • Computer Aided Engineer
  • Computer Engineer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Systems Manager
  • Database Manager
  • Electronic Data Processing Auditor
  • Operating Systems Programmer
  • Operations Research Specialist
  • Software Engineer
  • Special Effects (FX) Specialist
  • Systems Analyst
  • Systems Software Developer
  • Technical Sales Representative
  • Technical Writer

Some careers may require education beyond an undergraduate degree.

Enhancing Your Academic Experience:
Further Information:

There are several professional organizations dedicated to Computer Science.  Their websites might be able to provide a glimpse in the world of Computer Science.  These organizations include Association for the Advancement of Artificial IntelligenceAssociation for Computing MachineryAssociation for Women in Computing, and IEEE Computer Society.