Important Admissions Criteria

First-Year Students

  • ACT or SAT I scores (we do not use SAT II) if provided
  • High school percentile ranking (if your school doesn’t rank, we’ll calculate an estimated rank)

  • Challenging high school curriculum (AP, honors, accelerated, etc.)

  • Grade patterns and trends across 4 years of high school

  • Co-curricular, work, and volunteer involvements

Off-Campus Transfer Students

  • No more than 4 completed full-time semesters (not including summer semesters) prior to enrolling
  • No more than 50 transferable hours prior to enrolling (does not include test-based credit hours such as AP or International Baccalaureate exams). Preference is given to students with 30 hours or less.
  • Completion of the transfer course equivalency of the University's Composition I requirement (usually a 2-course English composition sequence at other institutions)

Application Essays

Application essays help us understand how you would benefit from our explorative mission and they may include:

  • Subjects or fields that interest you

  • Academic programs you are considering

  • Career or pre-professional goals

  • Relevant experiences that have influenced your academic and career interests

Are you a current Illinois student?

Please visit our Intercollegiate Transfer (ICT) process page for more information about ICT requirements, deadlines, and other important information needed to move forward.


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