Dean's List

DGS recognizes all of its students whose GPA ranks in the top 20% each semester by naming them to the DGS Dean's List.


The minimum GPA establishing eligibility for the DGS Dean's List in academic year 2023-2024 is 3.91. This is reviewed each summer and subject to change. 

To be eligible for Dean's List recognition, students must complete at least 12 academic semester hours taken for a letter grade (A through F). This excludes courses graded credit/no credit or satisfactory/unsatisfactory, courses taken at other institutions (transfer credit or Study Abroad), or test-based credit. No consideration is given for the Dean's List until all final traditional grades are in. Students with I, DFR, or missing grades who believe they should be placed on the Dean's List as a result of a grade change more than a month after the end of the semester should notify the DGS Assistant Director for Honors to ensure that corrective action is taken.

Students who are registered with the Center for Wounded Veterans (CWV) or with Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) who are enrolled less than 12 but a minimum of 9 graded semester hours who are in the top 20 percent of their college are also eligible.  Such students must sign a release with CWV or DRES indicating their consent for consideration for Dean's List eligibility and have submitted that consent to their home unit's academic affairs office (for DGS students the release should be submitted to DGS) no later than Reading Day in the semester in which they wish to be considered for Dean's List.  These consent forms are valid only for the semester in which they are issued, and students must submit by the deadline updated consent forms for each semester in which they wish to be considered for Dean's List.

DGS Students whom have made the Dean's List will be notified via email approximately 4 weeks after the term's grades are posted.  The University of Illinois recognizes all students named to thier college's Dean's list by publishing the list on the Illinois News Bureau website approximately 3 months after the completion of the term.

Please note that each college at Illinois has its own Deans List; therefore the GPA needed to be in the top 20% in another college may be different.