Tutoring Resources

Receive one-on-one academic help through Illinois's many tutoring programs.  

Center for Academic Resources in Engineering (CARE)

CARE provides academic resources specifically dedicated to engineering students, including workshops, tutoring, study groups, peer advising, and course review sessions. Visit the CARE tutoring website to learn more about the scheduled tutoring hours offered for a variety of courses.

Center for Academic Resources in Engineering
Grainger Engineering Library, Floor 4, West Wing

Chemistry Learning Center

The Chemistry Learning Center (CLC) is a free drop-in resource for students enrolled in introductory chemistry courses like CHEM 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 202 and 204. Teaching assistants are available Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm to provide help upon request. The CLC website also hosts a collection of online tutorials, authored on-site specifically for Illinois undergraduates!

Visit the CLC website for more information and links to helpful chemistry resources.

The Chemistry Learning Center
2021 Chemistry Annex

Division of Intercollegiate Athletics (DIA) Tutoring Program

The DIA provides individual tutoring and study hall hours to all student athletes. Visit the DIA website for more information and resources.

Irwin Academic Services Center
402 East Armory Avenue
Champaign, IL 61820

Economics Tutoring

Student tutors are available for general assistance on economics courses or economics related questions, primarily for ECON 102, 103, 202, 203, 302 and 303 (some of the 400s). There is also tutoring available for MATH 220/221 and MATH 231. Students should visit their Instructors or TAs with questions specific to classes, such as due dates, tests, etc. (most Econ classes have numerous TA Office hours). Visit the Econ Tutoring Center website for more information.

Econ Tutoring Center
DKH Room 21 (basement level)
Monday - Thursday: 1pm-5pm

Math and Statistics Student Support Center (SSC)

The Math and Statistics Student Support Center (SSC) provides walk-in academic support and tutoring for students enrolled in a set of core introductory mathematics and statistics courses. The center is staffed by qualified teaching assistants and course assistants. Access to the Student Support Center is restricted to students enrolled in designated Math and Statistics courses. There is no charge for access to services in the Student Support Center. Courses covered in the SSC include the following: Math 112, Math 115, Math 220, Math 221, Math 231, Stat 212, Stat 400. The SSC is located in room 24 Illini Hall. 

For more information, please visit the SSC website.

Math Tutoring

The Mathematics Department offers both free tutoring services as well as a list of graduate students offering private tutoring (for a fee). Hours vary Monday through Friday. Visit the Math Tutoring Services page to see tutoring hours for this semester. 

Department of Mathematics
273 Altgeld Hall

MCB Learning Center

The MCB Learning Center provides a space for students to meet with any available MCB 100, 150/151, 250/251, 252/253, and 354 teaching assistant during their office hours. Specific course and instructor hours will be posted at the entrance. Online videos and resources are also available. Visit the MCB website for more.

MCB Learning Center Hours: Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM during the fall and spring semester. 

101 Burrill Hall

Office of Minority Student Affairs (OMSA)

For Fall 2021, the Office of Minority Student Affairs’ (OMSA) Tutoring and Academic Services will return to delivering services in person with some online availability. The OMSA offers free tutoring and academic services. Matched tutoring, online self-paced workshops and academic skills consultations are among the services featured in the OMSA’s Academic Services Center (ASC) located at 1103 W. Oregon, Suite E.

Visit their website for full information.


The Academic Services Center provides tutoring primarily for the 100-level, high-risk courses that most freshmen are required to take, especially math, chemistry, physics, and foreign languages and has facilitated tutoring for more than 160 courses. Tutors are students who have already taken the same course and received a grade of “A” or “B.” Students matched with a tutor meet for a least one hour each week throughout the semester. Walk-in (or drop-in) help also is available for most math, chemistry and physics courses. Schedules for walk-in tutoring are posted at the beginning of each semester. Students can call or come by to find out what the walk-in hours are for the subject in which they are interested.

In addition to review sessions held by UI teaching assistants and professors, the Academic Services Center offers course-specific sessions to assist students in preparation for final exams. Students in the OMSA database will automatically be notified regarding these final exam review sessions. Students should look for review session details in OMSA email messages and may browse the Academic Services Center’s calendar for additional information.

Advanced study skills instruction is available to further ensure academic success for all OMSA students. Even though most UI students have been successful in their high school courses, being competitive and successful at the university requires a different set of study skills and academic habits. OMSA students may sign up for individual or small-group study sessions at the Academic Services Center in the following: text study strategies; time management; lecture not-taking techniques; test-taking strategies (for both essay exams and multiple choice exams); and library research.

Supplemental instruction provides enhanced preparation for many required courses. This instruction is done in small groups and, as with tutoring, these groups meet for one regularly scheduled hour each week. In addition, leaders attend lectures, take class notes and do the required reading for the course, all of which aids in the goal of helping students acquire critical thinking skills and study skills that are appropriate and effective for the particular course and subject area. Supplemental instruction had been provided for economics, chemistry, psychology, and sociology, but offerings may change from year to year.

Structured study groups are similar to regular tutoring in that they are a form of collaborative learning. However, this is a more informal instructional approach in which students of varying abilities and interests work together in small groups to solve problems, complete a project, or achieve a common goal.

Academic Services Center (OMSA East)

Psychology Tutoring

The Undergrad PSYC Association (UPA)  will often host drop in study sessions for any students in psychology classes, and have an extensive network of psychology students across the various concentrations. Updates on when these sessions are offered are listed on their events calendar.

Speaking Center

The Speaking Center offers free and personalized public speaking assistance to any student or group at any stage in the presentation preparation process and at any experience level. Visit: https://www.library.illinois.edu/tlas/speaking-center/ 

Writers Workshop

The Writers Workshop provides free writing assistance for all University of Illinois students. Our tutors can help with course papers, speeches and presentations, senior capstones, personal statements, resumes, group writing projects, and more. You can schedule a 50-minute appointment or learn more about our resources at our website.