Incomplete Grades


In cases where a legitimate circumstance makes it impossible for a student to complete a final exam or final assignment, a grade of 'I' (Incomplete) can be issued. An 'I' grade is authorized only for end-of-semester extensions for final exams, final papers, or end-of-semester assignments. It is not intended as an extension to address a significant part of a semester's coursework.

An Incomplete can only be authorized for a DGS student by the Director of DGS. If you believe that you qualify for an Incomplete for one of your courses, please call our office to schedule an appointment with the Director.

A grade of 'I' is temporary, and the incomplete work must be made up by the 8th week of the immediate subsequent semester (fall or spring). It is your responsibility to contact your course instructor to develop a time frame for completion. If the work is not completed in the time allowed, the 'I' grade will be replaced by a grade of 'F'.

In exceptional cases, students may not be able to complete the missing work in the specified time frame due to legitimate reasons (for example, active military service or a chronic health condition). In such an instance, you may be granted a limited extension. Please call our office to schedule an appointment with the Director of DGS to discuss your situation.